Class Schedule:  Modified 1/18/16
Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 
7:30pm  9:30pm
4:00p to 6:00p

Monthly: $125

Privately:  $40hr.

Direction Method Weapon Combatives System
American Kenpo material infused with the Methodology of Tom Sotis' AMOK taught in a Semi-Private Studio environment to allow for more personal exposure and potentially faster learning. Small group training utilizing "NOK" knives and padded clubs w/ PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

This curriculum is intended to enhance a persons understanding and practical application of Empty Hand, Edged and Impact Weapons. Classes range in content and intensity.

Practical Combatives
A simple journey into practical, effective Personal Defensive skills. 

Law Enforcement Kenpo 
Taught at your department in various formats, with input from Departmental Training Coordinators. Covering topics ranging from Basic Concepts, Tactical Techniques, Edged Weapons and Impact Weapons to Handcuffing.
Basic LEK Lite :              8 Hour
Basic LEK:                    16 Hour
Basic LEK Extended:  24 Hour
Force on Force 
Firearms- Small group training utilizing Airsoft weapons and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). These courses are intended to enhance a persons understanding and practical application of firearms beyond "square range" marksmanship. Classes range in content and intensity.
Basic Firearms Safety:   (Under Development)
Close Quarters Combat:   (Under Development)
Combative Hand Gun:    (Under Development)
Fighting Rifle:     (Under Development)

Personal Safety Seminars
Taught in the comfort of your own home or our Private Studio

In-Home Safety Workshop   2 Hour
High School / College Bound    4.5  Hour
Family Tactical Team   4 Hour

*Our training on is held in a non air conditioned environment wearing everyday clothing. We also encourage, but do not require trips to the gun range to familiarize ourselves with firearms and on occasion will instigate "other" training as either the need or availability arises.  *The American Kenpo System consists of street application orientated self-defense. Although we teach both, male and female students we discourage pre-teen participation due to the realistic nature of the curriculum (this is an individual policy of AKC and not the Kenpo System in general). Therefore we will interview teens and their parents on a per-child basis. 

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