Edged Weapons Solutions

Tom Sotis created  a combatives system which is an Edged Weapons based methodology that can eaisly translate to most any threat level.

Practical Combatives

These courses and programs are designed to teach people how to take their self-protection skills beyond escaping to the next level of having the skill to defeat attackers.

Kanvas by Katin: Home of the best damn Surf Trunks on the planet. 

Ed Parker Jr Diplomas
Extremely unique, dynamic, customized belt ranking certificates for the Martial Art industry by world famous artist 
Ed Parker Jr.

Ed Parker Jr. designed products that enhances the study of his fathers system.

Gratitude Campaign .org
Sent to me via e-mail and so simple to do anywhere,anytime. Please take a moment to view, you'll be glad you did.

Xtreme Airsoft LLC
The best place in the Houston area for ALL your Air-soft needs.
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