5.9.2021 Mr. McCord was recently interviewed on the Artists of Motion podcast www.artistsofmotion.com (to be published 5-10-21) 

For any looking for information on his DMW Notation System, please send inquires to: dmw.kenpo.info@gmail.com 

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A.K.C. has been actively teaching in S.W. Houston for 18yrs. Our approach and curriculum has evolved over the years include Firearms, Impact and Edged Weapons.

Our Head Instructor:
Mr.Terry McCord 
5th Degree American Kenpo Black Belt 

Associate Instructor
Mr. Ken Kuhlman 
Black Belt in Ju-Jitsu, Certified Firearms Instructor, and a Senior Kenpo student. 
 Serving Houston since 1995
American Kenpo Consulting 

"AKC is in the business of teaching practical application Defensive Tactics along with Active Countermeasures".

 We do this by using the best available material to address today's evolving street environment. One way is by employing the Theories, Principles, Concepts and Case Studies of Motion found in the art of American Kenpo Karate.

One avenue to this end, is that we teach an updated and condensed version of the American Kenpo System influenced by Mr. Paul Mills. This Kenpo is based upon Mr. Mills' training with his teacher SGM Edmund Parker, the American Kenpo Karate Systems founder, along with his own innovations from his experiences. Another ongoing influence is Mr. Ed Parker Jr., while he is primarily an accomplished Professional Artist, he has a unique perspective on his fathers art that has helped guide some of our material and thought processes.

Along with Kenpo, in 2009 we spent several years working on Edge Weapons Combatives as taught by Tom Sotis .

Our curriculum, is formatted to enhance the participants' knowledge and to illustrate the skills which they already have and add to it. We have been exposed to and begun to adopt a teaching method known as "Guided Discovery" which is prevalent throughout the Mr. Sotis's methodology.

We offer training that ranges in intensity, scope and depth. 

Along with American Kenpo, we offer study in Self Reliance skills (Fire making, Shelter making, Water collection & purification to name a few).

Beyond visits to the local firing range, we cover firearms tactics using airsoft equipment and edged weapons utilizing NOK trainers.
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