Kenpo for Law Enforcement

There are different "rules of engagement" between criminal justice personal and criminals in the community. Although different organizations have their own requirements and responsibilities, they all have one thing in common: they are charged with protecting and serving their community.


Taking into account the limited time allotted for initial exposure and recurring training, we have distilled some of the concepts and principles found within the American Kenpo System into a comprehensive training program. Our approach is not meant to supersede previously acquired skills, but to enhance them by building upon their existing foundation. One method used to enhance the training program is the use of metaphorical and scientific terminology in the description and explanation of techniques. This allows clearer, more precise reporting practices. Another benefit of incorporating the American Kenpo System into your personal or Departmentally approved defensive tactics curriculum is the ability to vary targets based upon the threat levels and make informed choices how best to neutralize any given threat with the appropriate level of  force.


The addition of the American Kenpo System to your personal skill set or added to the list of approved training courses for your Department or Agency will be beneficial to you and your community.


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